Unify The Nation

Benefit the People

The Problem:

America has been hijacked by two political parties that have divided the People they are supposed to represent in order to corruptly serve their own interests and unjustly keep themselves in perpetual power.

If the purpose of government is to keep the two parties in perpetual power over the People, then vote for a Democrat or a Republican for President in 2024.




The Solution:

It is the Right and Duty of the People to Unite and Free Ourselves from such tyranny and Create a New American Government that Benefits and Improves the Lives of All the People for the 21st Century and Beyond.

If the purpose of government is to Benefit and Improve the Lives of All the People, then We the People must Recruit and Elect a Non-Partisan President for 2024. Here’s how:

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Recruit a Non-Partisan President for 2024

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Now Take the Fourth Step:

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